Past Events

March 25, 2021

Women in View: On Screen Report

This webinar presented the results of Women in View’s sixth On Screen Report (WIVOS) with the Report’s co-authors Jill Golick and Nathalie Younglai, Founder of BIPOC TV & Film. Since 2012, Women in View has tracked the engagement of women writers, directors and cinematographers in Canada’s publicly funded film and television industry. These reports have shown that Canadian Screen-based industries are capable of change. The reports have captured the stats from early years of tracking stagnant progress to seeing the effects of industry commitments making major strides and reaching gender parity. However, with this most recent report, when analyzing the stats for women through a racialized lens, the numbers tell a different story. The blanket term “women” can no longer be used to mean “all women” when the numbers show that not all women are being raised up.

Moderators and Panelists

    Event Panelists

  • Nathalie Younglai

    TV Writer, Director, Provocateur and Founder of BIPOC TV& Film

  • Jill Golick,

    Screenwriter, Story Editor and Creative Producer

    Event Moderator

  • Tracey Deer

    Mohawk writer, Director, Showrunner

March 11, 2021

The Family Care Project

This webinar presented the initial findings of the Family Care Project, a short-term WCC research project on family and child-care.  The investigation explored  various family care initiatives within and outside the screen industry. The panel conversation was partly informed by and incorporated data from the recent survey of women and caregivers in the industry.  These preliminary results will contribute the first step towards a more in-depth analysis and assessment of family care issues specific to the screen industry across Canada and recommendations for advocacy and change going forward.


Moderators and Panelists

    Event Panelists

  • Heather McQuillan

    Executive Director Reel Families for Change Canada

  • Kadon Douglas

    Executive Director BIPOC TV & Film

  • Jennifer Singh

    Lawyer at McInnes Cooper.

    Event Moderator

  • Susan Brinton

February 11, 2021

Cross Canada Check-in

The second Cross-Canada check in with women in the screen industries. The conversation brought to light challenges and successes of pivoting to working from home, finding work life balance and taking care of one’s mental health during these challenging pandemic times.

Moderators and Panelists

    Event Moderators

  • Sabine Daniel

    TV Host, Producer 

  • Anne-Marie Mediwake

    TV News Anchor 

January 28, 2021

Disabilities and Inclusivity in Film and Television

#CripTheScript is a term coined by multi-award-winning Disabled writer, performer, and producer Ophira Calof. What does it mean? To challenge, reframe, and reclaim language, systems, stories and stages to centre ‘Crip’, or disability, identities, experiences, and culture. The webinar examined challenges and solutions faced by Disabled creators, on-set and on-screen, and brought attention to the unique voice Disabled artists bring to storytelling.

Moderators and Panelists

    Event Panelists

  • Beth Deer

    TV Host

  • Ophira Calof

    Writer, Performer, Producer

  • Thurga Kanagasekirampillai

    Artist, Performer

  • Maxime Pomerleau

    Performer, Dancer

  • Terreane Derrick


    Event Moderator

  • Holly Elissa

    Performer, Filmmaker, Artist

January 14, 2021

Positive Vibes from a Negative Year

This webinar offered a frank discussion about industry news stories – recent changes and developments taking place across the industry landscape – how they impact women generally and specifically underserved and underrepresented women creatives.

Moderators and Panelists

    Event Panelists

  • Kathleen Beaugé

    Legal Counsel, Legal Team Leader, CMF Program Administrator at Telefilm Canada Co-Chair and Equity and Representation Action Committee at Telefilm Canada;

  • Kerry Swanson

    Associate Director, Indigenous Screen Office

  • Joan Jenkinson

    Co-Founder and Executive Director, Black Screen Office

  • Tamara Mariam-Dawit

    Filmmaker, Consultant on underrepresented communities for anglophone Canada, CMF

    Event Moderator

  • Shana Mayra

    Writer, Director

December 8, 2020

2020 Decolonizing The Film Set

This webinar brought together three Indigenous filmmakers to discuss dismantling colonial and racist systems in our industry.

Moderators and Panelists

    Event Panelists

  • Joyce Delaronde

    Writer, Director, Performer

  • Sonya Ballantyne

    Writer, Director

  • JJ Neepin

    Writer, Director

    Event Moderator

  • Adeline Bird

    Content Creator, Director, Producer