Disabilities and Inclusivity in Film and Television

Disabilities and Inclusivity in Film and Television

Date & Time

January 28, 2021 -


Online Event

About this Event

#CripTheScript is a term coined by multi-award-winning Disabled writer, performer, and producer Ophira Calof. What does it mean? To challenge, reframe, and reclaim language, systems, stories and stages to centre ‘Crip’, or disability, identities, experiences, and culture. The webinar examined challenges and solutions faced by Disabled creators, on-set and on-screen, and brought attention to the unique voice Disabled artists bring to storytelling.

    Event Panelists

  • Beth Deer

    TV Host

  • Ophira Calof

    Writer, Performer, Producer

  • Thurga Kanagasekirampillai

    Artist, Performer

  • Maxime Pomerleau

    Performer, Dancer

  • Terreane Derrick


    Event Moderator

  • Holly Elissa

    Performer, Filmmaker, Artist